Hills and Rays

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I couldn’t really figure out how to do the bubbles so I did my best, though I’m pretty sure they aren’t right or very good lol


Fruit Crate Label

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This is my fruit crate Label.


This is the fruit crate label that I used as my Inspiration.


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Art Events

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1. Arts and Lectures: 3 Dance Film
This event was on September 14, 2011 at CSUSM. This was a film about three different dance companies who performed and worked with the crew to tell their own individual stories.  The stories were very encouraging as they had a good range of abilities and people.  The three groups of people were ex-Military, Mixed Ability – meaning that they had both handicapped dancers and non-handicapped performers dancing together-, as well as a Mother and Daughter dance team. I will remember the resilience and determination that all of the dancers had.  It was incredible to see all these different type of people brought together through the medium of dance. I feel that dance as all art deals with the portrayal and movement of the subjects.  The light and dark contrasts really helped me in all aspects of art. I think that this made me more conscious of how art can be expressed and how it can make one feel. I found some of the dance to have been drawn out and a bit to long, as well as conceptually I had a difficult time at first understanding the movement. I learned that handicapped people can move as well as an able bodied person. There was definitely a gained respect for the artists work.

2.Art Association Halloween Event
The event was on October 20, 2011 at the CSUSM Campus.  This event was celebrating Halloween in all its glory.  There was zombies in makeup as well as a photo gallery. The makeup artists at our school put together amazing looking zombies as well as a good dance routine.  It gave me an appreciation for the work of a makeup artist.  The thing I took most out of the event was the zombies.  I think that I have always been influenced heavily by the obscene and unnatural and this was really right up my alley. If the event had been better advertised or run longer I think that it would have been a better event. It was a small showing that came and it didn’t last a very long time. I feel like I found a new respect for make up artists for sure.

3.Tim Burton Exhibit LACMA
I attended this on October 22, 2011. The Tim Burton Exhibit was PHENOMENAL. Tim Burton is my favorite Director and I am greatly influenced in my own way by all of his work. This was a temporary exhibit showcasing the works and art by Tim Burton.  It has also been a dream of mine to meet him and to get inside his mind. This exhibit is the closest I have ever come to that.  The art works and the appreciation I have for him is unmatched.  I think that my art has greatly improved since seeing his exhibit.  To know he crosses such broad genres and styles, but yet is always true to himself is the biggest thing I took from this event. I am always worried people won’t like or understand what I do and to see someone who did it his way and it liked really helped me.  The exhibit could have been better if it had more stuff that wasn’t so commercialized. It had a little bit of works I hadn’t seen but I wish it had more.  I gained a new appreciation for his drawing skills. I knew he was originally an animator but I didn’t realize how true to himself he truly was.

4. Museum of Man
I attended the Museum of Man on November 9, 2011. I went because I needed an art event and they had a photography exhibit going on. I try to go to a lot of the moving exhibits around town and experience art on a daily basis. I love art and this is one way for me to go out and experience the thing that I love.  Going there I saw a friend and a student at CSUSM’s photo that I did not know was there. Brittany Galante had a photo that was on display in the exhibit which was so awesome to see. This made me realize that maybe one day my art would be up in a museum or an exhibit which motivated me to want to do better in my works.

5. New Play Festival
I attended the New Play Festival at CSUSM on December 4, 2011.  It was a bunch of new plays written by students that are staged and put on at CSUSM. This years focus was about foster youth and their struggles. I found the festival to have a positive message that may not have been delivered in the right way.  I feel that may also come from my high standards. The message of how to persist and live and grow while all the odds are stacked against you are there and relevant.  The continued message of strength in yourself is what I most got out the the whole event. I think the event could have improved by giving the stories a bit better of a delivery. The respect of the whole event, directors, and actors is unquestionable, there courage to tell their stories is amazing.

6. Jesus Christ Superstar at La Jolla Playhouse
I saw Jesus Christ Superstar at the La Jolla Playhouse on November 18, 2011. This is a rock musical about Jesus Christ’s death. It is a professional play, that is currently in La Jolla but will be continuing on to Broadway in New York in March. I love theatre which may sound strange if you know me but I really appreciate all the work that goes into the shows and the entertainment value of them. I always focus on the lights and the set whenever I attend a play because I feel those are the most relevant to my art.  I am curious how to make an object appear to be what it may not be, which is what goes on a lot in theatre.  I think that this helps me understand how shadows and lights can affect the way an object looks.

7. Limited Screening of The Guard
I went up to Irvine to watch this limited release film on November 21, 2011.  This was a movie about an American FBI Agent teaming up with an Irish Guarda to solve a crime about drug smugglers.  The story, cinematography, and acting was incredible.  I think what I will remember the most about this is the witty banter and dialogue that the character have. It was honestly, super funny and I suggest anyone who has the chance to see this film if you like dark humor. The colors are significant to me, the way the shots and scenes were composed was unbelievable.  The way the director off set grey tones with vibrant colors really enhanced the quality of the film.  This is something that I am going to try to incorporate with my work now that I have seen it done so successfully. I have an immense amount of respect for all the artists that worked on this film.

8. Silence and Noise at CSUSM
I attended the end of the semester art event on December 9, 2011. This was an event put on by the students of the VPA 302 class where they showcased the work they were doing over the semester. It was a mixed art event so there was many disciplines and many different types of art. I took away from the event how talented some of the students are at our school.  Some of the artwork there was very moving and pushed the limits. I especially liked the artwork by Donovan, he did a mixed artwork where he combined photography, charcoal, and vector graphics. It was incredible to see the great detail he put into all three mediums. I think the event opened my eyes to the world of mixed media art a little more. I had really not seen anything done like that before and it really intrigues me. I think the event was really good, I don’t think it needed to be changed. I felt a respect for all the artists that were in the show. Having been in the same show a year ago and knowing how difficult it is, I have a great appreciation for all the work they did.

9. Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles
I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles on October 23, 2011. The day after the Tim Burton exhibit I went to this museum. Being already in L.A. I thought that it might be cool to attend another museum.  When we got there I noticed a giant balloon animal dog. I came to find out that it wasn’t balloon but a steel frame.  I think that it was amazing to see how one thing could look so much like another but be nothing like it.  That is the biggest thing I took away from this museum was that art can push your knowledge and your understanding. This in turn gave me hope that one day I could do that very thing. If I could have changed this I would have liked there to be more to look at. The museum was kind of small and therefore not much was there to view. I have respect for the artists that know how to push boundaries and can make there art represent something different and innovative.

10. Museum of Modern Art in Balboa Park
I attended the Museum of Modern Art in Balboa Park on November 9, 2011. I went to see the surrealist exhibit at the museum.  I have always been a huge fan of Salvador Dali ever since I went to his museum in Figueres, Spain. I came away from this event that art can be seen in different ways and that what is art to one person may not be art to another. While I love surrealism, some people may say that they don’t consider it to be true art because it has no true form.  I think that it is important to understand that art comes in different packages and that it can be appreciated from different views. I think that the event needed to have a greater range of works and artists. I think it was very limited on who and what it had to show. My appreciation for the way Dali can manipulate images is incredible.

Good and Bad Layout

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I think this is an example of a good page layout because the font and text are all aligned to one another. I also feel like there is a good sense of contrast between the colors and the text and images.  The colors and fonts are consistent throughout the entire page as well. The margins are also well established which makes the page easier to read and flows nicely.


This is an example of a bad page layout.  As you can see the use of many conflicting colors and how close they are to each other can be off putting.  The alignment is also not even close to being correct. There is little balance to the page as well.

Self Portrait

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JFF Poster

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Gig Poster

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I choose to do a Grungy Style poster. I also wanted it to reflect a prettier side of myself as well as the harder, crazier, grungy style I like to play with.  My band is Dropkick Murphys they are a Punk, Irish Punk, Rock band.  They happen to be my favorite band. I think my poster and poster style reflects well with the genre of my band. New elements are using Photoshop along with drawing with the brush in Illustrator to create the clover.  I was inspired by Aesthetic Apparatus which I found on the gigposters.com website.  They are really up my alley in their designs.